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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


A New Type of Transit

When was the last time you heard about a new and innovative alternative to driving and traffic jams? That new choice has arrived — it's called Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).

PRT is different from traditional train and bus systems:
  • a PRT system will use an elevated network of low-profile monorail beams, on top of slim pillars. Construction is as easy as installing a utility pole.
  • a large fleet of computer-automated, taxi-sized PRT vehicles will run on the network.
  • Any district in Seattle can have small PRT stations with minimal impacts. Due to on-demand service there is little or no waiting for PRT, therefore stations are small and affordable since large waiting areas aren't needed.
  • PRT stations will be only a half-mile apart, meaning access is always within easy walking distance.
  • Riding PRT would be like surfing the Internet: on-demand and nonstop station-to-station (no schedules or missed rides!). You or your group can begin your trip anytime, without having to wait for others. And it will be there 24/7, in all weather. And PRT can be high capacity mass transit, each vehicle in the fleet can make many runs per hour, serving many different people.

    Better still, PRT is flexible enough to meet a variety of transit needs:

    Local Circulation, for travel in and around urban villages, districts like West Seattle, corporate campuses such as Microsoft's, or malls like Northgate;
    Collector/Distributors, complementing other transit modes by making it easier for people from a wide area to get to and from train stations, such as Sound Transit's Sounder commuter line and Link light rail.
    City-Wide Rapid Transit, in which a number of Local Circulators are linked together to form a network, able to provide PRT service to a large area.

    PRT would be like having an express, crosstown "travel-ator." You'll be able to walk to any station and immediately get a ride, non-stop, to the station within walking distance of your actual destination.

    Sound like a good idea? We're SoundPRT. To learn more about Personal Rapid Transit, browse our menu. Contact us and join our effort for PRT—the transit technology for the 21st century.


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