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Better Campus

A project of SoundPRT

A better solution for Microsoft campus expansion

  • PRT is a packet switched people mover, faster than a car
  • Solves the transit "last mile" problem on campus, making transit and carpooling more effective; thus, reduces traffic congestion
  • Employees get to meetings faster
  • Positive NPV ($150M capital cost, $200M in nonrecurring benefits, and $20M in net annual benefits).

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    PRT: Personal Rapid Transit

  • PRT represents the first completely new ground transportation technology in 90 years.
  • A PRT "last mile" solution connects a single campus bus stop to 30,000 desks, dramatically increasing transit effectiveness.
  • This example of a possible Microsoft Campus PRT system has 29 stations (including one at the Transit Center and one at Pro Sports Club) and 9.5 miles of one-way track.
  • The small PRT tracks are only three feet across, and compliment modern office architecture.

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    PRT Operation

  • PRT allows complex transit network topologies, weaving tracks around buildings with tight turning radii, bringing transit right to the front door, placing many stations close together.
          Tracks don't have to go simply in a straight line. The network accommodates non-stop, point to point, direct, 24x7 service to all nodes, every time.
  • With PRT, you don't wait for vehicles, vehicles wait for you. Once you are on your way, software controls the vehicles. Because stations are "off-line," every trip is non-stop. Stopping vehicles wait on a siding, and everyone else continues by, making sure your only stop is your destination.
  • Modern wireless communications and location sensing hardware allows vehicles to run at precisely controlled intervals at 30 miles per hour, creating a high capacity system. Vehicles make many trips per hour.
  • Lightweight vehicles reduce the cost of the elevated track. Proven, off-the-shelf system components further contain costs.

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    More Material

  • "Breaking Gridlock with Technology", February 24, 2005, Cascadia Center conference paper.
  • Microsoft reimagines its corporate home, Seattle P-I