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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       




  • How Will You Get to the Train? (Google Doc)
  • World Wildlife Fund's PRT video (2008)
  • A Bold Solution For Congested Streets
  • What Is PRT?
  • Cabintaxi illustration late 70s German PRT
  • The network advantage
  • Small transit vehicles delivering high capacity transit
  • Non-stop transit, made possible by off-line stations
  • Building a Case For a New Transportation System, a Whole Systems approach. Sept. 2001, U.S. EPA Region X
  • 38 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Videos

  • Skyweb Express
  • BetterCampus (showing Skyweb)
  • Urban Light Transit (ULTra USA)
  • Heathrow PRT by BAA (showing ULTra)
  • Brief BAA ULTra promo
  • Bubbles & Beams PRT+dual mode vision. Instit. for Sustainable Transportation (Sweden)
  • Vectus video, 1
  • Vectus video (2)
  • Cabintaxi
  • KABC Ch. 7, Los Angeles (showing SkyTran)
  • World Wildlife Fund's PRT video (showing Skycab)
           :: WWF Climate Solver
  • Audio

  • SoundPRT's John C. Todd Jr. on AM1090 Seattle
  • Environment, Business, Lifestyle

  • Congestion Reduction, Lifestyle & Commerce
  • GetThereFast's Better Campus (Microsoft Campus visualizations)
  • How Innovation can make Transit Self-Supporting J.E. Anderson (pdf)
  • World Wildlife Fund Climate Solver

  • Technical

  • Fundamentals of Personal Rapid Transit (1978, full book)
  • Economics of "Lean Transit" (.pdf)
  • Analysis & Simulation of Automated Vehicle Stations Johnson, Walter, Wilde (.pdf)
  • The Future of High-Capacity PRT J.E. Anderson (Word)

  • Projects

  • Heathrow (BAA)
  • Masdar Zero-Carbon City
  • Foster+Partners Masdar video
  • Debunking

  • SoundPRT response to Light Rail Now PRT report
  • Rebuttal to Light Rail Now PRT report By J. Edward Anderson
  • Rebuttal to Light Rail Now PRT report By Bill Wilde
  • ©SoundPRT

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