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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2003 News Items

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New Milpitas, CA planning commissioner sees PRT as "green transit"

Editorial: "Act soon on new Taxi 2000 personal monorail"

Duluth in lead for innovating transit system
      • the resolution

PRT proposal in Monterey, CA area

Dec. 11, 2003— The group Sustainable Monterey Bay has proposed a Personal Rapid Transit system for the Fort Ord area north of the city of Monterey, California. The fort has been decommissioned by the military and the site-- which borders the town of Marina and the campus of California State University's Monterey Bay campus-- is to be redeveloped into five "village" communities.
       Ted Lahti of SMB's Soltrain says his group is working with the three master developers in charge of the redevelopment, he reports all seem to be receptive to the PRT concept.
       Soltrain is a proposal to design and build a solar powered "ultra-light rail" line in the Monterey Bay area; the intention is that the additional PRT system would run on solar power as well. It is envisioned that a combination Soltrain-SolarPRT system will solve congestion and pollution problems in the Fort Ord area, as well as save energy.
       At this time Lahti indicates his group likes Taxi 2000 Corporation's Skyweb Express PRT, but that they are open to learning about other PRT systems as well.

PRT proposed for Santa Cruz

Skyweb pitched to officials in Long Branch, NJ

Skyweb Express Special Announcement

November 5, 2003— On January 1, 2004, Taxi 2000 will begin its Phase 2 prototype program to build a working, full-scale, outdoor demonstration of SkyWeb Express. A substantial investment was recently received, and the company has sufficient funding for all of stage one and some of stage 2 of the four-stage Phase 2 program.
       According to founder and inventor Dr. Ed Anderson, "This is a great day for us, a great day for transportation, and a great day for the planet. In 30 months we can have a working demonstration model of our system. If any customers want to plan in parallel with our Phase 2, the first SkyWeb Express system could be operating in four years." Taxi 2000 Corporation Newsletter - Vol. 2 No. 6

PRT, KUT-FM Austin 2:01 Realaudio clip

PRT in discussion thread about Arizona light rail 10-20-2003

U of Minnesota journal: U start-up... solution to gridlock (p. 10) From Spring '03

ULTra wins another UK government grant

"Mini-cars on guideways" to be studied for Southcenter

Learning to shift: "newer technologies, such as maglev and personal rapid transit... can potentially yield a level of service capable of lowering our congestion levels"

Not your father's public transport Utne magazine 9/03
       •Unabridged version

Column: Commuting Sentences

Revised MegaRail strategy outlined in new pdf

Skyweb Express: Futuristic transit system

Ride of the Future? MPR

ULTra: New hopes; back on track? one | two

Travelling Light (ULTra)

Skyweb Photos of the Day from the Minnesota State Fair

Japanese public works officials to visit Skyweb prototype

Welsh still "very supportive" of PRT. June 19, 2003

A low-cost "virtual" airport using PRT

P-I wants transport to be like the Web

PRT mock up on display in Milpitas, CA
     • Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association Background

PRT, "other technology" mentioned as possibilities for Eastside

Santa Cruz commission debates PRT

Skyweb's Anderson talks to Duluth council

Personal taxi is 'disruptive', in a good way.

Skyweb makes splash in Duluth
    • Tourism development in Canal Park area Background

"Tucson Business" guest editorial

Tucsonans for PRT

New ULTra brochure stresses environmental and sustainibility benefits

Extensive new Skyweb Express Official Home Page with new online video

Skyweb article from Netscape's "Driving Today"

Taxi 2000 Unveils Prototype

Transit concept gets its first test

Taxi 2000 prototype launch announced

ULTra for Heathrow Airport?

Taxi 2000 Fast Lane

Minnesota Daily article has photos
of Taxi 2000 vehicle.

Feb. 17 Taxi 2000 status report with videos

ATRA releases updated PRT report

Assembly shelves grant for Ultra taxi

Pod transport system is shelved, Cardiff Council furious.

ULTra dropped from Welsh Assembly budget, want private funding assurances. Cardiff Council considers options. Launch delayed 1 year?

PRT Pulls Into the Station

Link, Airport to Northgate: $7.2 billion

Sound Transit under attack from all sides

Tomorrow's taxi starts trials today

Times letters slam S. Lake Union streetcar plan

Group pushes suburban monorail

A. Sheffer Lang

Phoebe rides ULTra

ULTra passenger trials to start

Taxi 2000 prototype report, Jan 2

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