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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2012 News

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Heathrow Pods carry 500,000th passenger
  • Airport PRT link from biz parking to Terminal 5 opened to public 18 months ago.
  • 21 pods elimate 50,000 bus trips annually
  • 30,000 riders a month

skyTran: Project in Tel Aviv

PRT work in Suncheon, S. Korea nearly done. An update from Vectus PRT describes the construction of the system outside Suncheon, intended to serve an environmentally sensitive wetland area.

Is monorail the future of public transport in Milton Keynes?" (Ultra). A group called Xplain thinks Ultra would work well on routes originally intended for monorail.

The first PRT has its 80 millionth rider
(Video expired)

Intermodal news item: Ultra PRT (the Heathrow pod system) has been named "Highly Commended" by the Light Rail Awards

:: Same honor won at the UK National Transport Awards

Robert Llewellyn takes "Fully Charged" to Masdar, the eco-city in Abu Dhabi:

"Fully Charged": Actor Robert Llewellyn ("Red Dwarf") talks to the Ultra team at Heathrow

Fairwood planning Ultra factory in New Delhi area

Fast track for big pod project in northern India (Gurgaon)

Transportation journalist Christian Wolmar's post-ride article on Ultra, PRT, and resistance to pods from the left and right: "[PRT] could be a genuine third way for transportation with potentially wide application."

Sci-fi pod at Heathrow

New Seattle group hopes to build standard monorail in the West Seattle-Ballard 'Green Line' corridor.
  • 'CenTran'
  • Hopes to collect 3600 signatures to trigger ballot measure.
  • Ideas include a Terminal Landing Station in the Pier 55-56 area, with a parking garage.
  • An 'HCPRT' circulator ('high capacity PRT') would serve as a collector-distributor to downtown locations.
Get There Fast takes no position on this proposal.

Related: May 2 memo on San Jose feasibility study: No pod system now available can serve Mineta Airport (10 PRT stations, 2 terminals, 2 train stations)

Raleigh group studying PRT system like Heathrow T5

"Amritsar PRT 3D Visualisation" of urban pod transit system in India (now under construction)

The uploader has marked the video Private.

Google and Mountain View May Pursue "Personal Rapid Transit" To Solve Commute Congestion

Richmond's CyberTran Ultra Light Rail Moves Ahead

Bay Area 'Group Rapid Transit' company CyberTran joins state business incubator

India's Hottest New Transportation Trend: Podcars

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