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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2013 News

Media Inquiries: Go to the Press Center

Ultra forms Taiwan relationship

Ultra at Engineering & Technology Magazine

Personal Transit Pods May One Day Scurry Above Tel Aviv's Congested Streets (Wired)

"Tel Aviv is set to begin construction" on skyTran (io9)

UK Economy: Is Britain enjoying the wrong kind of growth? At 3:10

Government Technology magazine: "Personal Rapid Transit revival?"

Review of Phoenix APM conference

Jewish News One reports Tel Aviv skyTran project "will begin construction in 3 months"

Professor Martin Lowson, creator of the Ultra PRT system popularly known as the Heathrow Pod, has passed away suddenly.

Suncheon PRT ride:

Vectus misses 2 appearances:
Suncheon PRT opening reportedly delayed until fall; company rep does not speak at APM conference.

Mountain View (Calif.) City Council asks Congress to create grant program at FTA

NASA Pod Transports Are Close to Reality -- in Tel Aviv

skyTran on "Technobabble" podcast (QTalk America. 1 hour program, segment begins at 13:30)

"Would More Drivers Use Mass Transit if It Mimicked Private Cars?" The Atlantic Cities


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