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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2014 News

Media Inquiries: Go to the Press Center

Personal Rapid Transit: the future of public transportation, maybe (Grist.org)

MISTER PRT has changed its name to Metrino.

Photos of the new JPods vehicle.

BBC: Hands off with Heathrow's autonomous pod cars.

Future Airport magazine reports on Ultra.

"Tomorrowland Transit Authority comes to Hillsborough Street" - Flippant feature in NC weekly.

"Korea's First Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), SkyCube"

West Virginia U leaders set to approve Phase II of 38 year old PRT.

Air gondolas in Kirkland's future?

North Carolina - PRT a feature in planned major 100-acre residential/retail redevelopment.

Design is going to the pods

Amritsar PRT to Golden Temple now probably not happening.


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