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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2015 News

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One step closer to the Jetsons - skyTran in Israel (Wash. Post)
Includes photos of construction, components.

A step closer to reality (Philly Voice)
Israel Aerospace Industries promises demo, "big event" for skyTran, but not until early 2016. (Times of Israel)

Taxi 2000 on NPR's Morning Edition

PRT restoration reaches next phase (WVU)

How a space-faring entrepreneur intends to fix Austin's traffic woes

Greenville: "Automated pod cars on Greenville's horizon" EDC continues to promote idea.

Greenville: "County agency terminates automated transit bid"

"Two companies submit proposals for automated transit network in Greenville"

"The podcar is back" (Mother Nature Network)

"Futuristic" Elevated Transit System Possibly Coming To Greenville (SC)

PRT NewsCenter: PRT could be in LaGuardia's future


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