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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2004 News Items

Media Inquiries: Go to the Press Center

SkyTran's Malewicki describes PRT "minicars"

New Jersey PRT Study Signed Into Law

Car Ports Salon.com

Cities21 official promotes hi-tech hitchhiking

Samy Elias dies designed Morgantown "PRT" system

Minnesota legislators have PRT vision

Sci-fi Transport a Reality

Santa Cruz opinion: PRT "something Santa Cruz could get behind"

PRT in the New York Post

ULTra news from the summer:
   Transport for the city of the future
   Could taxis solve traffic traumas?
   Electric taxi scheme is on track (BBC)
   Futuristic transport system to be trialed in the South West (Swindon & Weston-super-Mare, UK)

Bill for PRT study in New Jersey Assembly
      • PRT study clears committee (A-2031)
      • Text of A-2031 (pdf)
      • Study Signed Into Law

A call for a Transit Oriented Development REvolution

New website: personalrapidtransit.com

PRT part of research project for Rochester-Olmsted area

Exhibit of PRT history at Berkeley

The UK Design Council studies ULTra

ATS in talks with Heathrow for an ULTra system

PRT proposed for Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto

Rapid transit: not rapid enough

PRT Silver Bullet; transit bureaucrat reluctant to innovate

Mass transportation to get sleek & daring Architectural Record, pp.5-6

New 7 minute ULTra video

"Taxi 2000" from Ripsaw weekly.

PRT gains support

Santa Cruz, CA simulations Quicktime or WMP

Bonding bill with $4M for PRT passes Minnesota House

Minnesota debate heats up as charges fly
      • Letter: Say NO to fear
      • PRT's time has come

Bonding bill draws fire Horning misrepresents outcome of Cincinnati & Rosemont projects

Big Deal or Boondoggle? Tri-partisan effort

New version of Minnesota bill would authorize $4 million in bonding for PRT

Discovery Channel Canada story about Skyweb Express (Windows Media)

Newspaper issues flawed "correction" of PRT story

SoundPRT responds to a report by the group Light Rail Now

A new kind of monorail? KOMO TV, Seattle

My Pod (Rake, Minneapolis)

  • Your own personal monorail Christian Science Monitor
        ••CS Monitor issues flawed "correction"
  • Personal train ride Monorails Poised to Offer Cities an Alternative. ABC News
  • Driverless cabs Part 2 of GGR series

    Wales government rejects ULTra funding again, "could still happen"

    Minnesota H.B.1686 would OK funds for PRT demo facility

    The Zimmerman PRT plan

    "We should be ready to do it"

    Bill in Minnesota legislature sweetens PRT pot

    PRT/maglev bill passes Washington House
          • 2004 Regular Session ends with bill in Rules Committee

    U of Minnesota students work on PRT plan

    Lawmaker pushes for personal transit

    Washington legislature HB2923 would define PRT as 'high capacity transit', authorize pilot project
          • Passed

    PRT is "21st century space race"

    PRT bill in Minnesota legislature

    "Life Science corridor" may be served by PRT

    Rider response to ULTra PRT

    Study of ULTra PRT for Heathrow Airport

    From Canada: The Future Hails a Cab Part 1 of GGR series

    Skyweb Express window stickers for sale

    Transit Wars?

    Councilman hates traffic, wants 68-station Minneapolis PRT network
    • The Zimmerman PRT plan

    PRT on lawmaker's wish list (Mark Olson)

    PRT in Minneapolis future?

    MN engineering firm involved in Skyweb project

    Minneapolis stadium option includes PRT

    Resolution for PRT study goes to Minneapolis council committee (Motions, #6)

    Skyweb bonding bill introduced in Minnesota legislature

    Duluth hails Taxi 2000

    Successful cities innovate: What will Santa Cruz choose?

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