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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2007 News

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UC Irvine computer scientist creates SkyTran in Second Life

New CEO for ATS Ltd.

New transport system for Heathrow
       • Are driverless pods in the future?
       • BBC Video: WMP | Real

New terminal to have travel pods

Futuristic transport pods to serve Heathrow passengers

Work starts on new transport at Heathrow

Futuristic transport for Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow electric pod transport system

World's first PRT system

ITN video report (CNN)

Airport casts pods in future transport role

Welcome to the Transport of Tomorrow (The Guardian)

Vectus video online

Progressive blogger on Daily Kos posts report from Uppsala Podcar City Conference (Yahoo Groups): Vectus up and running... Taxi 2000 and FROG are vendors of choice for Masdar... Unimodal test track funding... rail manufacturer Bombardier in attendance.

Taxi 2000 (Skyweb Express) redesigns website

ATS and Dutch firm in ULTra deal for Benelux market

The latest on Skyweb Express
       •Releases extensive feasibility study

New ULTra animation on U.S. website

Green cars page: ULTra Aims To Prove Pods Are The Transportation of Tomorrow

Vectus posts first photos of PRT cabin; announces first Swedish regulatory approvals

ULTra announces delivery of first production vehicle; Cardiff track expanded to emulate Heathrow conditions

ULTra Bay Area office hire Cities21's Raney

Daventry plans PRT demonstration for Fall 2007

Coming to an airport near you: The next pod revolution - "Pretty Reliable Transport." (June 2007)

White Elephant now a workhorse - Morgantown PRT peoplemover (NY Times)

"Masdar Initiative": zero-emission car-free city designed by Norman Foster, to include "personalised rapid transport."

TV report on Vectus from UNT, Uppsala Daily News (in Swedish). Undercarriage testing on guideway; good look at station. Ulf Larsson and Yeon-Yoon Choi interviewed.
      • English transcript
      • Similar report by Sweden's TV4

Made to Measure Transit (IEEE). Vukan Vuchic: no new objections after 11 years.

"Robocabs" await at Heathrow (Times of London)

Report: Taxi 2000 supplier completes PRT study

Institute for Sustainable Transportation: The Podcar City - International Conference in Uppsala, Sweden Oct. 1-2

WVU seeks options for PRT expansion Good local press coverage of ATRA seminar

Swedish sustainable transit group in talks with another Swedish city
      • More on Luleå seminar
      • New Swedish video shows PRT+dual mode (YouTube)

New Jersey study completed

Swedish technology delegation, environment minister get good reception in California

Vectus vehicle and station design

"How you will get to the terminal" (Heathrow)

UK city masterplan examines PRT
      • Background: Daventry "set to move swiftly" (.doc)
      • "Masterplan of the future of the town unveiled, Transport pod network to link up to rail station" 1-19-2007
      • Masterplan webpage (daventrydc.gov.uk)
      • Green Light in Daventry?

Cardiff ULTra now visible on MS Virtual Earth 1-10-2007

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