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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2009 News

Media Inquiries: Go to the Press Center

Multi-vehicle operation at Heathrow

Video: A round trip on the Heathrow PRT


Masdar on CNN - Mohammed Jamjoom shows podcar at :02:05 (NB- he meant electric charge, not "magnetic charge")

West Virginia and Heathrow PRT on NPR's All Things Considered

BBC One to air piece on Heathrow ULTra non-UK clip not yet released: transcript and stills at Get On Board PRT

ULTra inspires kids to design PRT 'light rail' line (Sammamish, WA)

Review of PRT by Harvard asst prof Ben Edelman

Debbie Cook & Ron Swenson: "PodCars and Climate Change" (p. 5)

Get On Board PRT covers the Rochester PRT symposium

Minnesota DOT to explore personal rapid transit in Rochester symposium

Will pod cars be the answer to future traffic chaos? (Radio Sweden)

New April 2009 videos from ULTra Cardiff track: Rider experience video and 3-pod choreography

Invasion of the pod cars Boston Globe
      :: The pod cars of San Jose

Vote for "Drive Innovation in public transport" at Google's Project 10100

Four Swedish cities picked to be PRT sites
      :: Banverket (Swedish Rail Admin) should manage
      :: Uppsala ranked highest among cities picked for PRT
      :: Public affairs journal article on first PRT sites
      :: Radio Sweden item on Uppsala selection
      :: Trollhattan not among top 4 cities picked SEK800M = $115M
      :: Eskiltuna would be cheaper if alternative site needed
      :: Greens happy Stockholm chosen
      :: Swedish TV:

"PRT at once"

      :: Dahlstrom report documents
             • English section, p. 25

POSCO in deal to build Vectus in Suncheon, S. Korea

Mountain View, CA considers PRT (South Bay, SF area) "City considers bold new transit system - Personal rapid transit hailed as solution to Bayshore traffic woes"

ULTra debut delayed to Spring 2010 "Work is progressing well on the installation of the world's first commercial PRT system at Heathrow...Testing of the PRT System is continuing and, with all installation and communications challenges now resolved, we anticipate commencing passenger services in late Spring 2010."

SkyTran-Unimodal "To Revolutionize Personal Transportation" with NASA
      :: Brief item
      :: Photo

"Milpitas leaders want in" on PRT

"Efficient Unmanned Public Transport Systems" - CyberCars2

ULTra using 'AGM' batteries; other specs

"Heathrow travellers get a robot chauffeur" New Scientist

ULTra in Popular Science

ULTra at the Science Museum in London (BBC)
"no local emissions and is 70% more energy-efficient than cars and 50% more energy-efficient than traditional buses."

"Ultimate green machine" (SkyTran)
      :: "Two peas in a pod" (SkyTran in SF Examiner)

Masdar's Khaled Awad on NPR (WBUR "On Point," 45 min)

William Alden, man behind Morgantown PRT, still going strong at 83:
      :: Boston Globe article

   :: Video (includes Walter Cronkite driving dual-mode StaRRcar)

Blogger tours ULTra system: "Number Crunching" blog

ULTra: Airport Improvement Magazine

Sound Transit opens 14 miles of light-rail service
      :: Light rail open for business
      :: Light-rail debut to offer a little bit for everybody
      :: Light Rail guide
      :: On Twitter
      :: How Will You Get to the Train? (our Google Docs slideshow)

Podcars: The Future is Now (Good Times weekly, Santa Cruz CA)

Joan Bokaer: TheocracyWatch founder, podcar advocate

ULTra Heathrow system handed over to airport operations for testing
      :: Ceremony photos, video

Skycab part of Swedish embassy exhibit ("Facing the Future - Sustainability the Swedish Way", July 2- in Washington)

Get your copy of the Atlantic City Regional Transportation Plan
      • PRT option on pp. 17 and 76

"Beyond BART." Ecology Center's Terrain magazine

"Karlskrona without podcars." Historic Swedish city doesn't expect to be on list of candidates to be released in August

Hofors withdraws from Skycab project?

Luca Guala interviewed about Masdar PRT

YouTube: Center Party (Sweden) officials try PRT at Uppsala
Per Ankersjö (Stockholm City Council) and Lukas Forslund (director, Center Party Stockholm)
      • Inside 03:04
      • Outside 03:21

Swedish Infrastructure Minister to open PRT station exhibit at national museum

Neighborhood association seeks PRT link to transit center

Light Relief (ULTra)

"PRT Capital Costs Likely Understated" by PublicTransit.us, inventor of the obscure term "gadgetbahn"
      • Response from ATS (ULTra)

"Guests try out podcars" (Uppsala)

Pick Of The Pods (New Civil Engineer)

Building bridges to Abu Dhabi and Dubai Crosscut.com

Green Car Congress talks to Luca Guala about Masdar's PRT
      • "The Long View from SAE 2009"

Ride the ULTra! Trip from T5 to outlying station (Some videos being redone). Other videos

Asko Kauppi blogs from Heathrow conference Seven posts including link to photos

Masdar website launch Transport strategy described in "Technology"

Convenient transit and the last mile problem GOOD magazine

AMC channel: Podcars in the movies

Uppsala Daily News: planning reaches a public phase
Op-ed advocates balanced approach
      • "Reluctance to build rail"

Google Street View: Heathrow guideway visible from Western Perimeter Rd. Mar. 2009 Dead link- Possibly removed for security reasons. Substituting view from Bath Rd. June 2009

View Larger Map

Vectus Swedish and Korean websites now match (March 2009). New illustrations reveal styling variations.
      • Winter Test video shows 4 sec headway; note redcar acceleration from standstill

Houston school's PRT concept wins green innovation prize
       • Future City Competition @Voice Of America
       • Al-Hadi School, Houston TX
       • Story and photo at Indo American News

NY sustainable energy agency awards grant for Ithaca PRT study

Space-age pods could transform Cambridge
       • Wins support from Marshall Group, major Cambridge-based corporation. Wants study of PRT in tandem with congestion pricing

Seattle community coalition suggests PRT and gondolas: Duwamish Valley Vision Map and Report p.57 (Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition)

Masdar: Building a city without cars (Forbes).
      • Long article in MIT Technology Review (Mar/Apr 2009)

Norway: "Can get car-free city with høybane" (monorail)
       • Followups: "Such can the route be", "Don't reject monorail idea"

Abu Dhabi 2030: low-carbon transport options released - includes 3 PRT zones

"Pete The PRT" series (West Va. Univ.) More

Curbed LA: "Ants Could Help Solve Our Traffic Problems"

Podcars inch from myth to reality (ZDNet)

PRT in MIT Technology Review

Seattle P-I's Robert McClure blogs about Masdar

Masdar PRT: Treehugger interviews Systematica's Luca Guala

MISTER creator Mikosza competes on reality TV show "Brilliant Idea"

Marin County Supervisors issue Letter of Interest to Unimodal

Interview with Robbert Lohmann of 2getthere (Masdar PRT) (video)

Masdar podcar body by Italian car designer Zagato

Imagineering Sacramento -- "dream different ways of doing things"

"Heathrow personal transport pods are coming"

Epoca Negocios magazine (Brazil) reports: Masdar PRT is by 2GetThere 1-20-09
      • "Emirates green city has taxi with no driver" (translation)
      • Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil): "Abu Dhabi wants to be the mecca of renewable energy" (translation)
      • Venture Beat: PRT gets another chance at life

World Future Energy Summit kicks off January 19
      • PRT vehicle on display at WFES 1-19-08 (Flickr photo series, by Imre Solt)

Bill Mego: PRT is the way to go

PRT is called *monorail "good news"* on Seattle's CROSSCUT (Knute Berger's 'Mossback' column)

Last year's News

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