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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2010 News

Media Inquiries: Go to the Press Center

Masdar Institute and the PRT now open - Flickr photostream coverage: EPFL Organicités Studios; Trevor.Patt; Mark Meagher

Story with video on San Jose conference: Silicon Valley looks at pod cars

Top state official of Punjab approves plan for PRT in Golden Temple area

ULTra PRT enters public service at Heathrow

Clive Owen rides Masdar's PRT

Issaquah citizen task force wants consideration of PRT (Central Issaquah Plan)

Cars win at Masdar City - cutbacks will limit PRT, surface streets being designed to handle traffic

Milpitas citizens seek PRT shuttle Rob Means is mayoral candidate

Video: Dutch delegation at ULTra

New York Times architecture writer seems to like Masdar PRT, but absolutely decimates rest of project

Pod Cars Start to Gain Traction in Some Cities, New York Times.

Curtis Johnson PRT op-ed on Seattle's Crosscut news website

Notes on the Aug. 18 PRT Workshop in Minnesota (pdf)

No conchordance: Auckland council not interested in MISTER (Brett? Jemaine?)

ULTra secures project in India

Tea Party activist opposes Winona, MN proposal- 1, 2

"Follow that Pod Car!" (YouTube)

Podcars in the San Jose Mercury News

Video: ULTra handling a passenger surge at Heathrow- 48 riders in 5 minutes

USDOT grant for PRT. FTA funds upgrade of Morgantown system.

Masdar scales back green ambitions

ULTra wins 2009 Viva Award, given annually by the 'Carmen' transport guild of the UK

Passenger pods without a driver are almost ready for take-off at Heathrow

Innovating Sustainable Communities: Podcar City IV conference announced for San Jose CA in October 2010

Vectus suffers technical problem during reporter's visit (autotranslated, for "glue" read LIM); minor problem, explained here

PRT "likely" for Pittsburgh circulator, paired with rail or bus connector

You have until Feb. 18 to vote for PRT, and other progressive ideas, at Change.org

Winona MN submits PRT Lab funding request

Minnesota Dept. of Transportation issues PRT Request For Interest

Register & vote for PRT at Change.org

Winners of the Civitas design competition for Bath (ULTra)

"Up in the air"

Chair of Santa Clara VTA says the agency must innovate as well as cut costs

"One-Touch Travel: cyber taxis for UAE" (Masdar)

Winona council votes 5-1 to seek federal funds for "PRT lab"

Winona, MN identifies 1.3 mile route for its "PRT lab"

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