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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


2011 News

Media Inquiries: Go to the Press Center

FridleyPatch article on Taxi 2000, onetime PRT design leader

NY Times blog: Pod Cars Are Poised to Transform an Indian City's Streetscape and Skyline (Amritsar)

Official: Ultra wins contract from Amritsar, Punjab -- first true urban PRT network; 3.3 km, 200 pods, 7 stations

Good Ultra numbers at Heathrow

Masdar PRT: 1 Year Anniversary Statistics

Interview with Alland Gregory, Heathrow surface transport director

"Heathrow's Personal Rapid Transit pods"

Ultra pod is history: accessioned into UK National Transport Collection

Vietnam IT corporation interested in PRT; working with US group.

Heathrow PRT officially launches
Announced on Twitter; Daily Express article with video:


Video: "London Heathrow's amazing robotic peoplemover 'Pods'." (Australian Business Traveller)

PRT on Urban Mobility 2011 series on Current TV

Pod Cars Make Their Debut At Heathrow Airport (Talking Points Memo)

Heathrow PRT returns to the Wheels blog (NY Times)

"The 1970s thrill surrounding Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)" (WJLA-TV)

"America's One and Only Personal Rapid Transit System" (Governing)

Public feedback "overwhelmingly positive" on new Heathrow pod transit (EU CityMobil)

Groundbreaking for the first Vectus PRT system was held June 24 in Suncheon, South Korea

Central Issaquah Plan task force discusses transportation vision (.wmv video) 2010 story
   • What might it look like?

Morgantown 1970s-era transit workhorse finally getting digital computers, other upgrades

The WVU press release

How PRT could complement high speed rail

India planning urban PRT networks

Public trials start at Heathrow. ULTra announces 3-week PRT test open to traveling public at Terminal 5.

"SkyTran offers Detroit new idea for mass transit"; includes video

"Will you commute via 'personal rapid transit'?" CNN

PRT on "The Science Show": Trond Andresen interviewed in Personal rapid transit pods instead of large buses and trains, ABC Radio National, Australia

Masdar Institute and the podcars (3 min)
Emmanuelle Landais on Vimeo

Time-lapse CCTV video of ULTra capacity test at Heathrow

End of Daventry PRT effort reported

Duluth, MN, developers include PRT in waterfront concept

Masdar PRT on show at 2011 World Future Energy Summit

Marc Gunther:

Triple Pundit

Triple Pundit
Ucilia Wang
Marc Gunther
Earth and Industry
The National (UAE)

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