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Advanced Urban Transit for the Seattle region       


The Get There Fast Strategy

Policy Outreach & Advocacy: We have a good transit system, a lot of people want to extend its reach and effectiveness. We want to offer them the additional choice of PRT. We aim to grow general public interest in PRT, and interest local policymakers in examining how PRT could help accomplish their goals for transportation and sustainability. Please watch our slideshow:

How Will You Get to the Train?

(Google Doc)

Let's Get Started: Implement a PRT demonstration project, consisting of one local-circulation PRT loop in a Seattle district.

Next Steps: Niche Applications
Local Circulation. Implement small networks of PRT in districts in need of local transit or congestion relief, or in anticipation of future density.
PRT in the Central Issaquah Plan: What might it look like?
Download GTF's simulation file
(requires ATS/Citymobil application)

Collector/Distributors. Implement PRT to provide transit service to and from train stations, or to connect termini of different transit modes.

San Jose studied the feasibility of an 'Automated Transit Network' serving a BART or light rail station and Mineta Airport

Network Evolution

Citywide Rapid Transit: PRT circulators can be linked together, together with train and bus systems forming a blanket network.
2012 - An urban PRT system is under construction in Amritsar, India

Special PRT applications

Major corporate campus shuttle (Boeing ; Microsoft)
Virtual Airport instead of 3rd Runway
WSDOT intermodal - outside Central Puget Sound, connect Amtrak stations to ferry terminals
Virtual Shopping Mall linking region's shopping malls
Virtual Medical Center linking major hospitals

PRT Station (SeaTac, WA Major Investment Study 1998)
Arai Architecture


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